UVA Birdsongs

On April 2nd from 2:15 to 3:15, me and my classmate Morgan Rudd went to a picnic table in front of the astronomy building across the street from Ohill and set up a recorder to record the birdsong in that area. It was a sunny day with temperatures around mid 70’s however the wind was blowing very hard which may have slightly messed with the audio recording. Upon sitting at the picnic table and taking about five minutes to just listen to the birds, I felt much more relaxed. I was not able to get a good look at any of the birds because of the tree cover around the building but I could definitely hear the songs of various species of birds. After about 15 minutes of listening, I began to quietly read and look over some notes for an upcoming test. I definitely felt calmer and less distracted when sitting outside on this beautiful day versus sitting in a library surrounded by people and electronics. I have never been much of a bird enthusiast however I really do see the positive effects of an interaction with nature and I believe that it would do everyone some good to take 20-30 minutes a day to emerge themselves into nature. I know I will.

Post by Mitch Brown