Darden Courtyard

The Engineering School is one of the most under-appreciated spots around grounds. Seeing as most students do not have classes in or around Thornton Hall, many do not realize how full of nature and gorgeous it really is. In the late spring, the Engineering Way is covered with flowers and gardens that are in fact part of the stormwater collection system. However, slightly off the main way, in the middle of Thornton Hall, there is a gorgeous courtyard called the Darden Courtyard.

In the winter months, the courtyard is left mainly untouched, except to house some of the career fairs or exhibitions in early winter. However, when the weather begins to warm, the courtyard is once again full of student life.

The courtyard consists of a large lawn, surrounded by brick walls and walkways, with 4 large trees in each corner of the courtyard, and several picnic tables. As it is a sunken courtyard, most students do not walk through it as they walk to class but instead go there with a purpose. Whether it is a spot for reading, talking on the phone, or playing frisbee, the courtyard provides a haven away from the white cinderblock walls of Thornton Hall.

While this courtyard doesn’t provide breathtaking long distance views, or the stunning architecture of the lawn, it has a peaceful quality about it, as the only views are that of the grass, sky, and beautifully juxtaposed brick architecture.

If you ever want a quiet place to study, full of sunlight, and slightly hidden away, Darden Courtyard is the place to go.


Post by Genevieve Jordan