Thomas Temple Allan Boathouse

One of the most beautiful natural areas at UVA is by the Thomas Temple Allan Boathouse, home to the University of Virginia Women’s and Men’s rowing teams.

Located by the Rivanna river,  on the five miles of reservior, this beautiful scenery is not only full of tough athletes but a very protected biodiversity. There are many laws on the development of the surrounding land as well as ones that limit the recreational activities allowed on the river. These rules keep the waters prestine and let the natural habitat strive.

The water is so well kept it actually acts as a source of drinking water to the Charlottesville area. This clean water attracts many animals. As shown in the above photo there are many different creatures that call the reservoir home. This includes many varieties of fish, ducks, and birds.

The river provides a full immersion with nature. With the open air blowing, the smooth water flowing, and the blissful sounds of the many animals that call this place home it creates a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the UVA grounds.

Post by Nina Vascotto, Third-Year, Civil Engineer