Lack of Results Possibly Attributed to Patterns of Bird Migration

Our research team has been frequenting the perimeters of both Nau/Gibson and Campbell Hall. Although our team has yet to find any sign of bird mortality in these areas, we do believe that the buildings raise a cause for concern. Both structures are relatively tall in comparison to other buildings across Grounds and have numerous reflective surfaces that pose a danger to birds.

Our team believes that our lack of findings can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, we believe that groundskeepers and maintenance staff may be picking the dead birds up before we have a chance to observe them. Next, we also hypothesize that the number of birds in the area may be lower than in warmer months and that many birds may not have migrated back due to the weather. According to our research on predicted migratory patterns, the arrival date of certain species within Charlottesville occurs later in April.  Finally, our research on bird mortality has suggested that bird mortality occurs most commonly with buildings that are much taller than Nau and Campbell Hall.


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